About the project

I’m a PhD candidate in Art History and Visual Studies, The University of Manchester: http://manchesterarthistory.wordpress.com/phd-student-profiles/

For this academic year I am also acting as “Afterlife of Heritage” Researcher in Residence with artsmethods@manchester and the Institute for Cultural Practices on an upcoming project entitled Archive Interventions, working with the extensive but seemingly obsolete Art History and Visual Studies Slide Collection.

Until quite recently, slides were the mainstay of teaching in art history. The department’s collection contains many unique images built up by members of staff over many years. This resource was also extensively used by staff teaching visual culture in other subject areas. In the space of less than ten years, slide technology has become rapidly and completely obsolete. As of next year, no centrally timetabled teaching rooms will be equipped with slide projectors. Currently, the slides are almost completely unused, depriving students of an invaluable resource.

Part of my role as Researcher in Residence is to sort through the collection and identify slides for possible digitisation and preservation, but I am also developing wider programme of events with a focus upon how arts and visual culture resources can be used for teaching and research; the role of old and new technologies; issues around archiving.

I’ll be using the blog throughout the ‘residency’ period to showcase some of the material held in the collection, and to hopefully offer some interesting thoughts on visual culture archives.

Comments welcome; any queries or suggestions for events or collaborations please email: archiveinterventions@gmail.com

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