Workshop 26 November 2-4pm, 3.9 Roscoe

To book please visit:

What is an archive? Why are archives important for teaching and research? How can they be made more accessible, visible, and useable? As with all large bodies of collated material, there are conflicting perspectives on the uses and preservation of archives and collections. Responding to these questions and concerns, the workshop explores the creative and academic ‘archive interventions’ of researchers, artists and writers – considering how film, photography, writing, and public engagement and education programmes open up archives and highlight issues surrounding ‘access’.

PhD researcher Jenna Carine Ashton (Art History and Visual Studies) discusses her experiences as a Researcher in Residence with the extensive, but seemingly obsolete Art History and Visual Studies Slide Collection, as she considers the role of archives in teaching and research, and the relationship between new and old technologies. She also discusses her experience of working with the Manchester Museum’s collections. Her PhD research is particularly concerned with memory and the communication of past narratives, and often deals with artworks and installations which can only be accessed through the visual and written archive.

Future conference event Archive Interventions, supported by artsmethods and ICP (to be held at the John Rylands Library, Deansgate) will showcase some of the ways in which researchers around the University are working with archives and the methods they are using to open up the collections held by the University’s cultural assets.

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